Hey, its Jay Jr

Hi everyone, my name is Jay Jr and I am a cousin of Zac and Zillionaire. Zac invited me to join this blog so I will be helping out and posting about a bunch of stuff! 🙂



DO NOT get an iPhone

I got an iPhone in November, and I hated it ever since I got it. It was so slow, and Siri cant even understand what I’m saying. And today my phone just shut off, for NO reason. And now I have to go buy a new one. What a fucking waste of money. I’m done. Bye


I passed the test!

About Thursday I did pass the test 🙂 I was so stressed out during the test, cause it was so cold. I was in the computer lab which is so cold in there!! So before you ever take a test, just think good thoughts, get a good rest and have a healthy breakfast, and you will get what you want 🙂 YAY ME I PASSED THE TEST!!! -Zilly

Please wish me luck!

Please wish me luck!

On this coming Thursday I got this important test and I have to pass it. I am like so nervous cause I feel like I’m not gonna pass but I got to believe that I WILL. So please wish me luck! -Zilly❤  (Btw I’m not gonna post anything to after Thursday because I need to focus. Will miss you guys 🙂 Gotta brush up on my reading.Also I will tell you guys what I got.

Planet Cazmo got HACKED?!

Planet Cazmo got HACKED?!

So today I logged into PC. I seen this dude his name was xl The King lx I went up to him and asked him a question ” How did you get that mod bubble?” I asked him that because I clicked his cazmo card and I didn’t see a Badge. I was amazed. And I asked him a couple more questions and he said BigDawg doesn’t own pc anymore. I was like WHAT?!? I can’t believe what is going on Planet Cazmo, am I being tricked? I really liked pc, it was like my favorite game.

So, later I’m gonna go on and find out more what’s going on.

My Likes & Dislikes!

Today I want to tell you guys what I like and dislike!



  • White Chicks
  • Scary Movie 3
  • Mean Girls
  • Friday



  • Bad Girls Club
  • Family Guy
  • Jersey Shore
  • Johnny Test



  • Ice cream
  • Brownies
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies



  • Walmart
  • Aeropostle
  • Hollister
  • Forever21



  • Computers
  • Art
  • Writing
  • P.E.



  • Nigahiga/HigaTV
  • SupereeGO
  • Eaizeal
  • DannyNoriega aka Angel Baby


I adore babies I think they are so cute! I love their laughs. Now for the dislikes.

Bugs(Spiders,cockaroch, I HATE THEM ALL), slow computers,commercials,when I am like so thirsty and there’s NOTHING to drink,when people are mean,and when poeple scare me!


That’s what I Like & Dislike.BBBYYYYEEEEE!!!  -Zilly❤

Mom’s Homemade Smoothies :P

The weather has been terrible in Hawaii lately, and I’m starting to get sick. Tomorrow I’m running a 10k event at Pearl Harbor but I feel too sick to do anything!! My mom made me this delicious homemade smoothie with fruits & vegetables to help make me healthier and boost my immune system tomorrow. Wish me luck! 🙂